Intel’s Core family retired in 2019 with Tiger Lake, and next-gen x86 architecture coming in 2020

According to rumors, Intel may retire its Core family of processors with Tiger Lake in 2019. After the Tiger Lake, Intel will move to new more efficient, faster approach to the x86 architecture. is reporting that Intel’s next CPU family will be similar to what AMD has done with its Zen architecture, blending in power consumption/performance /price – and in order to save physical space (smaller die), and improve the power consumption/performance ratio, Intel will reportedly get rid of old SIMD and legacy hardware.

If the correct we will see a new line of Intel CPUs which may be entirely different than current processors, though this new CPUs still a long way off and didn’t see the light until 2020. Intel will be able to make new efficient x86 architecture that will compete with AMD’s nearly-here Zen architecture. So for the meantime, AMD will be ahead of the game for a few years until Intel can get their new architecture is ready and begin competing against the star-studded launch of Zen.