Intel’s Core i3-7350K may be absent from Kaby Lake launch

Intel’s new unlocked dual-core Core i3-7350K may be absent from the Kaby Lake line-up launch, multiple sources have reported about it. This is sure upset some people in the budget segment, but we are expecting Intel will launch it later with priced around $175 and coming with 4GHz base and 4.2GHz boost clock speeds. Though the Core i3-7350K is expected to achieve 5 GHz on air coolers.

Many games are more hungry for per-core performance than multicore, so this new chip is surely going to be very important, it is expected that this i3 will cannibalize the sales of their low-end Kaby Lake i5 7400 processors, which may be the reason for this delay. Right now Intel has not officially revealed their Kaby Lake CPUs, so at this time nothing has been officially confirmed.