Intel’s huge Knights Landing LGA 3647 socket teases

Intel’s upcoming monstrous Knights Landing LGA 3647 socket, with other Intel previous CPU side by side we can see how much bigger the LGA 3647 socket CPU really is.


The new Knights Landing platform will support 6-channel DDR4 support. The mounting system also has been changed, no dual-latch system that is used on the LGA 2011 platform.

Serve the Home explains that the socket and thermal designs that they have seen “do not have latching mechanisms”, and instead they’re seeing “solutions that secure the CPU to the heat sink”.


A comparison shot of Broadwell-EP, LGA 3657 (Knights Landing), and Broadwell-DE.


STH had an Intel Xeon D (Broadwell-DE) BGA package next to the massive LGA 3674 socket, and it not even a quarter of LGA 3647 socket.


The entire assembly is then guided into place by the socket pins, with screws on either side to secure heat sink in place. Supermicro’s 2U4N solution’s heat sink you can see above handles 200W TDP in a 1U high chassis.