Intel’s i9 7980XE overclocked to 6.1GHz on all 18 cores

Whenever Intel released a new flagship CPU, most overclockers eager to try extreme OC with them, now famous overclocker der8auer has managed to overclock an Intel i9 7980XE up to 6.1GHz with LN2 cooling, with the CPU alone consuming over 1000 Watts of power while benchmarking.

To achieve such an incredible overclock he had use some unusual cooling methods and had to delid to remove Intel’s thermal paste to dissipate additional heat, and heat is a high as even under LN2 cooling, der8auer’s 7980XE achieved temperatures that were above 0 degrees Celsius under load, an incredibly warm temperature given the usual characteristics of LN2.


With just 5.6GHz overclock der8auer achieved scores of 257 and 5635 in Cinebench R15 in its single threaded and multi-threaded tests respectively, easily surpassing any CPU that used traditional cooling methods.

Later der8auer paired this extreme CPU (i9 7980XE @ 5.5GHz) with an LN2 cooled Nvidia Titan Xp GPU (@ 2455MHz on the core) and achieved scores of 45,705 points in 3D Mark 11, 35,782 points in 3DMARK Fire Strike, and 120,425 points in 3D Mark Vantage. These are exceptional results given the fact that only a single CPU and GPU were used.