Intel’s new Kaby Lake-X 7740K CPU achieve 7.56GHz overclock on ASUS X299 Rampage VI APEX

At Computex Taipei, during the “Performance Matters – Helium Night,” the overclocker Der8auer was able to achieve a huge 7.562GHz overclock using Intel’s new Kaby Lake-X 7740K CPU and ASUS’ newly announced Rampage VI APEX.

The Rampage VI APEX is the second motherboard under ASUS’ APEX lineup, which is design for overclocking first and foremost and comes with a lot of unique design options and features that help to keep CPUs stable when using sub-zero coolants like LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) or LH2 (Liquid Helium).

The Rampage VI APEX has already achieved several HWBOT world records, showcasing some strong performance from Intel’s new X299 platform.

As of now, ASUS didn’t reveal any pricing or the release date of this new X299 Rampage VI APEX overclocking motherboard, but we should launch soon.