Intel’s Raja Koduri said there will be a $200 Discrete GPUs with a 2020 release date

In an interview with the Russian YouTube Channel Pro Hi-Tech, Intel’s Raja Koduri talked about the company’s discrete graphics card plans. As we know Intel plans to release discrete GPUs in 2020 and Raja Koduri stated that their plan to bring graphics card that suitable for everyone with a starting range form $200.

Intel's Raja Koduri said there will be a 0 Discrete GPUs with a 2020 release date

He also confirmed that Intel plans to scale from the consumer to the datacentre, with larger graphics cards with access to HBM memory. At this time it is unknown whether or not HBM will make its way into Intel’s lower-end offerings.

As Intel ventures into the world of discrete graphics, the company plans to create “GPUs for everyone” and target pricing rather than performance. This makes sense for Intel’s first-generation offerings, as the company needs to quickly build up a userbase within the GPU market. Intel’s offerings need to be competitive, as otherwise, consumers will have little reason to choose them over AMD/Radeon or Nvidia.

In the coming years, Intel plans to completely change their graphics lineup, changing everything from the integrated graphics hardware to their professional and enterprise-grade solutions. Intel expects to release a full lineup of graphics cards within 2-3 years, all of which use a common architecture.