Intel’s upcoming Kaby Lake CPUs specifications have leaked

Intel’s Kaby Lake series CPUs specs have leaked online, revealing very high clock speeds and TDPs of up to 95W. The TDP is higher compared to Skylake CPUs which has 91W TDP. Also, the Socket is the same LGA1151.

Kaby Lake Processors

Kaby Lake CPUs specifications

The leak does not show the boost clock speeds, but with Core i7 7700K coming in 4.2HGz base we can expect 4.5GHz boost clock speed. The new Kaby Lake is scheduled to launch in early 2017 and have minor IPC improvement over Intel’s current-generation Skylake CPUs. Still, it’s not clear Kaby Lake only support upcoming 200-series of motherboards or existing 100-series motherboard can also support those future CPUs with a BIOS update.