Intel’s X299 platform may launch sooner than expected

Intel’s upcoming X299 series of motherboards and CPUs may launch earlier than anticipated, with newly leaked roadmaps showing the production samples will be available in late June.

According to leak, Intel is planning to release Skylake-X before Q3 2017, though it may chance and more forward the release schedule if they didn’t find any major issues with their LGA 2066 platform during sample test.

Intel’s Skylake-X series of LGA 2066 pin processor will come in four, six, eight and ten core configuration, with support for quad-channel DDR4 2667MHz memory out of the box. The Kaby-Lake X will be coming in quad-core models, with TDPs of 112W and no iGPU components, these CPUs will be limited to dual-channel memory support and up to 16x PCIe 3.0 lanes from the CPU.

The biggest difference that Skylake-X will offer is supporting more PCIe lanes through the chipset and their DMI interfaces, like Intel’s current Z170 and Z270 motherboard offerings.