Just Cause 3 Choose Your Own Chaos Newest trailer

Just Cause 3’s just launch new trailer Choose Your Own Chaos – Just Cause 3, here you can get to choose how you want to perform the chaos. “Experience the fully interactive E3 Alpha footage showfloor presentation of Just Cause 3 and make your own choices about how to play with the game’s combination of cutting-edge sandbox physics, exciting new features and of course, Rico’s new tools and gadgets to cause chaos across the 400 sq. miles of Medici.”

Just Cause 3 advertises game has an options to do exactly what you want to do within your sandbox with the many tools which Just Cause 3 has at its disposal. Just Cause 3 will be releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 1st.


Below you can see E3 Just Cause 3 gameplay footage.