Just Cause 3’s Multiplayer Preview now available to download

Just Cause 3’s Multiplayer Preview mode is now available to download. The mod is not the final version of the Multiply, so expect some bugs and issues, and should be fixed in future updated that will be available later this year.

The mod’s development team made significant progress on Just Cause 3’s Multiplayer Mod since it was first announced earlier this year, with the games latest trailers showcasing parachute and wingsuit synchronisation and the ability to play a multiplayer game for several hours without crashing. The mode allowing players to change characters other than Rico and PVP combat. Also the ability to players interact with other player vehicles, making vehicle surfing a possibility.

There are multiple issues with the game, which still need works. A short list of them are down below:

  • Carsurfing movement is not smooth
  • Getting stuck while teleporting
  • Helicopter rotors not properly synced
  • On-Foot Sync needs more love
  • Sometimes sounds of remote players are incorrectly played
  • Spawning takes a long time
  • The Wingsuit is supposed to look like the normal one with boost ability
  • Vehicle health synchronization not working perfectly
  • World damage is not synchronized
  • You cannot use grappling hook wires


Download the Preview here.