Leaked benchmarks of AMD Ryzen R7 1700X CPU

New benchmarks of Ryzen CPU have surfaced, which is believe to be the 8-core R7 1700X, giving what could be our first look at the performance of AMD’s new Ryzen architecture.

Before looking at these numbers, a few things need to be clear, first that this is an engineering sample and not a final CPU, second that this system was tested using a low-end MSI A320 Ryzen motherboard with 2400MHz memory, all of which can negatively affect these benchmark results in the charts below.  Also, these tests done without CPU core Turbo mode enable so it could potentially lower the test numbers.

From these results, we can see that both AMD and Intel CPUs have their strong points, though it seems like this is far from the best that Ryzen CPUs can offer. It will be interesting to see how AMD’s higher clocked Ryzen processors will perform, especially when combined with faster memory.