LG To Unveil Advanced Commercial Desktop Monitors At InfoComm 2017

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions has added premium 4K UHD and In-Plane Switching (IPS) commercial monitors to its already-broad portfolio of cutting-edge desktop monitors. Led by the brand new 43-inch 4K UHD monitor, which will be demonstrated at InfoComm 2017, the new displays provide users the high-end picture quality and flexibility needed to maximize productivity and ease of use.

“As content formats rapidly evolve, LG’s portfolio of state-of-the-art commercial monitors has been expanded with 4K and HDR (high dynamic range) technologies,” said Stephen Hu, head of monitors at LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “With a three-year warranty, advanced imaging technology, unmatched interoperability and industry-proven calibration methods, LG’s new commercial desktop monitors are designed to meet evolving customer needs across different verticals.”

4K UHD Monitors
As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 4K UHD displays, LG is introducing new commercial desktop monitors to address the proliferation of 4K content across a variety of industries. LG’s new family of 4K UHD monitors – 43-, 32- and 27-inch class units (models 43MU79, 32MU99 and 27MU58P, respectively) – feature 3840 x 2160 resolution to deliver four times more detail than 1920 x 1080 Full HD displays.

The new 43MU79 monitor is one of the largest desktop monitors on the market. Featuring a 350-nit IPS panel that delivers expansive, high quality images, the 4K UHD 43-inch monitor offers the screen real estate to replace a complicated four-monitor rig, making it perfect for financial institutions and high-end graphic designers employing CAD. Its non-glare panel reduces sun and light reflection on the display, making it ideally suited to a variety of workspaces. The monitor’s built-in speakers use LG’s Rich Bass technology and a 10Wx2 Sound amplifier to offer users a full-bodied audio experience, complementing the UHD video.

Available this month, the 43MU79 comes equipped with a tilt-adjustable stand and LG OnScreen Control Software including Screen Split with for added convenience and flexibility, remote-controlled two or four Picture in Picture displays and My Display customizable presets to accommodate the wide spectrum of needs required by professionals. The device also comes with USB Type-C DP Alt Mode, and Display Port 1.2×1. With support for 4K 60Hz connectivity (4K@60Hz), the 43MU79 is equipped with 4 HDMI ports, two of which support HDMI 2.0 for enhanced connectivity.

Joining the 43MU79 in LG’s expanded 4K monitor portfolio is the 32MU99, a 32-inch display that delivers high dynamic range (HDR) for PCs with enhanced brightness levels, more shadow details and richer colors for more true-to-life image rendering. The monitor’s compatibility with the HDR10 standard increases the display’s peak brightness, enabling users to edit movies and photographs much more comfortably at up to 550 nits of brightness. The 32MU99’s IPS panel displays 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, making it ideal for media content creators. Creative professionals also will enjoy the H/W Calibration Feature Supported with True Color Pro Software and Color Modes, which deliver unparalleled color reproduction accuracy.

Featuring a sleek design with ultra-thin 1.3mm bezels, the 32MU99’s four-side borderless edges and “Slim Arc” height- and pivot-adjustable stand offer a captivating experience with a refined image. Even more, the display’s USB Type-C interface transfers 4K UHD screen, audio, data and even power through a single cable-eliminating the clutter of a laptop power adaptor cable, HDMI or DisplayPort cable and USB data cables. The 32MU99 will be available later in 2017.

LG also will debut the 27-inch 27MU58P IPS monitor later this year. It features a matte black finish that reduces light reflection and glare on the screen, making it an excellent monitor for highly-lit environments. The monitor’s built-in power increases function and capabilities and features DisplayPort for enhanced video connectivity and includes an integrated power speaker for high-end audio outputs.

With a pivot- and height-adjustable stand, the 27MU58P can be positioned to fit the precise needs and viewing angles of the user, all while maximizing space which is ideally suited to various work environments. The 27MU58P is TAA compliant, important for many government and business installations.

Enhanced IPS Monitors
At InfoComm 2017, LG also will showcase 27- and 24-inch IPS monitors in both the BK75 and BK55 series. The borderless BK75 series monitors (models 27BK750Y and 24BK750Y) feature an elegant CINEMA Screen that only has one thin bezel on the bottom of the panel. The 250-nit BK75 monitors can be daisy chained together to synergistically pivot and stack Full HD (1920×1080) content from up to four monitors onto one single display for efficient resource-sharing. BK75 series monitors offer near-zero standby power – 0.005 Watts in DC off mode – increasing energy savings and lowering electricity costs.

The BK55 series’ bracket-ready design eliminates the need for additional brackets, making mounting a mini PC to the monitor fast and simple. The 27BK55 and 24BK55 models sport 250-nit Full HD (1920×1080) resolution displays, and like the BK75, the BK55 series features built-in power, an ergonomic one click stand connection and a wall mount to for easy installation and a flexible design. The BK75 and BK55 series models are available now.