List of AMD’s Ryzen CPU lineup with Intel Computing CPUs

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen CPU lineup details have been leaked with 17 different SKUs based on core count and clock frequencies that range from 3.0GHz to 3.6GHz.

Below are a list of Ryzen CPU models and their nearest Intel competitor. Right now we don’t know if these CPUs have iGPUs and how performance competitors or price competitors or a mixture of both, with Ryzen 8-core CPUs being listed as Complete for both Intel’s 8-core i7 6900K and their 4-core 8-thread i7 7700K. 

AMD Ryzen CPU Core Count Thread Count Base Frequency Range Intel Competitor
R7 1800X 8 16 3-3.6GHz i7 6900K
R7 1800 8 16  
R7 1700X 8 16 i7 7700K/6800K
R7 1700 8 16 i7 7700
R7 Pro 1700 8 16  
R5 1600X 6 12 3.2-3.5GHz i5 7600K
R5 Pro 1600 6 12 i5 7600
R5 1500 6 12 i5 7500
R5 Pro 1600 6 12  
R5 1400X 4 8 3.2-3.5GHz i5 7400
R5 Pro 1400 4 8  
R5 1300 4 8  
R5 Pro 1300 4 8  
R3 1200X 4 4 3.1-3.4GHz  
R3 Pro 1200 4 4  
R3 1100 4 4  
R3 Pro 1100 4 4  


AMD Ryzen R7 series CPUs are listed as having 8-cores and 16, threads, with R5 CPUs having either four or six-core configurations with SMT enabled. AMD’s lower end R3 series CPUs will have 4 cores and 4 threads with SMT disabled.

In this chart is based on performance then we should have a good old talk about Intel vs AMD CPU. Where the pricing will determine that users will go for Intel or AMD CPU platform. We still no pricing information for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, though it is likely that we will be hearing more from AMD over the next few weeks and AMD has confirmed that their new Ryzen CPUs and AM4 series motherboards will be launching in early March.