A list of Battlefield 1 available maps and game modes

Battlefield 1 launch on October 21st is getting closer, and the game is ready with nine maps and six game modes, with a 10th map coming in December as a free content update.

Battlefield 1 game mode consist Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch and Operations, all of which are available in previous games. But the game has a new mode called War Pigeons, where teams of players must capture message carrying pigeons and bring them back to base.

The list of included maps, with additional future maps coming as DLC. All the maps will be playable with up tp 64 V 64 battles.

  1. Ballroom Blitz
  2. Argonne Forest
  3. FAO Fortress
  4. Suez
  5. The St. Quentin Scar
  6. Sinai Desert
  7. Amiens
  8. Monte Grappa
  9. Empire’s Edge
  10. Giant’s Shadow (coming in December)