Logitech Acquires Saitek from MadCatz

Logitech announced that they had acquired gaming peripherals maker Saitek from MadCatz. Logitech paid MadCatz $13 million for the acquisition. Ujesh Desai, head of Logitech’s gaming peripherals brand Logitech G, “said that the acquisition should augment the kind of gaming peripherals Saitek specializes in – joysticks for flight simulators, and customized racing wheels for motorsport sims.”


Desai also teased that Logitech G could make a big move in the VR gaming peripherals space. Saitek made products that have been increasingly game title-specific, by tapping into specific markets (the Flight Simulator community, racing games). But Logitech G makes gaming peripheral devices for the masses. Logitech may use Saitek to create peripheral devices for VR games that are highly game-specific.