Logitech Expands Their Gaming Mice Line-Up with The G203 Prodigy

Logitech adds a new member to its gaming mice product line, the G203 Prodigy. The G203 does present a design that is closer to a neutral one, with no particular ergonomics considerations for either a left-handed or right-handed person (save for the pair of left-side thumb buttons). This agronomic design allows natural hand posture for various grip style.

The G203 Prodigy has company’s in-house developed optical sensors with on-the-fly adjustable resolution (200-6000 DPI) and powered by an ARM processor which supports a USB report rate of up to 1000Hz. All the buttons are reprogrammed using Logitech’s software suite, with button configuration being stored in the mouse’s inbuilt memory. The G203 Prodigy also features RGB lighting like everything these days. The G203 Prodigy is priced very aggressively with just $39.99 in the U.S. and for €44.99 in the E.U.