MAINGEAR Announces the R2 Razer Edition Gaming PC

MAINGEAR continues its partnership with RAZER, today announcing the launch of the MAINGEAR R2 | RAZER Edition gaming desktop. Built for compact performance with award-winning craftsmanship, the R2 pushes the boundaries of small form factor gaming. The R2 | RAZER Edition features a much smaller, radically engineered design that is more than fifty percent smaller than the original R1 case. Performance is uncompromised, as the R2 comes with the latest gaming components to drive 4K quality graphics. The R2 is available with the latest NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards along with the fastest processors on the market: Intel’s Core i7 and i9, and AMD Ryzen.

Harnessing the newest SSDs and huge 10 TB HDDs, gamers will have fast and reliable storage along with support for up to 32 GB of premium DDR4 memory. MAINGEAR’s eSports and VR-ready configurations take the guesswork out of building a system. Livestreamers who demand quiet systems will appreciate the R2’s quiet open loop cooling system that is able to run virtually silent at ultra-settings for most games. “MAINGEAR and RAZER have a joint vision to develop ground breaking products designed specifically for gamers,” says Wallace Santos, MAINGEAR CEO. “No matter your needs, our combined culture of obsessively pushing ourselves to create the best performing hardware possible is a core part of the R2’s DNA.”

MAINGEAR continues its One Man: One Machine build philosophy as every R2 is hand-assembled by a single master craftsman from start to finish. The R2 | RAZER edition includes more liquid cooling options than any small form factor PC that MAINGEAR has ever offered. The R2 offers options for MAINGEAR’s SUPERSTOCK Crystal Hardline Tubing, made from crystal clear shatterproof PETG or SUPERSTOCK Metal Hardline Tubing, built with polished nickel-plated metal tubing that is hand-cut and masterfully assembled.

“Like our own RAZER Blades, MAINGEAR takes a similar nocompromises approach to building PCs,” says Min-Liang Tan, RAZER co-founder and CEO. “Gamers who demand the very best performance in compact form factors will appreciate the craftsmanship and performance offered in MAINGEAR’s R2 | RAZER Edition.”

The R2 | RAZER Edition is available now from starting at $1099. For more information visit this page.