Mechwarrior Online is entering the eSports world with $100,000 prize pool

Mechwarrior Online is entering the eSports world. Piranha Games has announced that you can sign-up your team to compete in a Mechwarrior Online World Championship with a $100,000 prize pool.

MechWarrior Online

The Mechwarrior regional qualifiers are set to begin this May with the regional finals happening on a date that hasn’t quite been set yet in the fall. The final competition will be taking place on December 3rd in Vancouver BC at a large event, the first of its kind, called MechCon. So far they’ve seen 78 different teams register for the competition. And with $100K on the line, there’s likely going to be plenty more signing up too.

Other than the big prize and some dates, there are no details have been announced. What map or game mode will be played during these tournaments is unknown, but it’ll encompass the same 8v8 combat matches that last 15 minutes and will be restricted to using the first person view only. The tournaments will be played online, on your own machines, but the final match will heald on LAN with similar hardware specs PCs.

It is great to see more games making into the eSports. If you’re interested in competing, take a look and sign-up here.