The Metro 2033 movie is coming

the popular post-apocalyptic game and novel series Metro 2033, now coming in movie from. The Metro 2033 movie will be based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book series, and will follow the harrowing journey of Artyom’s heroic struggle against the supernatural Dark Ones in the blasted ruins of Russia.


The movie will produce by Michael De Luca, Stephen L’Heureux, and Eugene Efuni and Glukhovsky being closely tied with it.



The Metro 2033 game is quite popular, with full of psychological horror in ruins of post-nuclear Russia.


Glukhovsky says that he’s been waiting for a Metro 2033 adaptation for quite some time, but wanted to make sure the property was handled just right. “My novel and I have been waiting for this to happen for the last 10 years. I have previously been extremely careful about handing my ‘baby’ over to Hollywood producers for adaption for a feature film, but now I feel that it has landed in the right hands. De Luca and L’Heureux have a great vision for this project, and I feel it’s an honor to work with them.”