Metro: Last Light developer teases a big announcement for E3 2016

Depe Silver is well known for successful franchises like Saints Row, Dead Island, Homefront and the Metro series, now the developer teasing about a major announcement at E3 2016.

Depe Silver

Depe Silver upcoming project should be an AAA sandbox-style game, with Deep Silver’s CTO Oles Shishkovstov, said in an interview before the release of Metro Redux: “less linear but still hugely story-driven.” He added: “I will not go into details, but it requires some work from programmers as well. Also, we are improving graphics in very different aspects, like recently we did a physically-based global ambient occlusion (instead of local, like SSAO). But yes, we are fully PBR now for the next project. No more tuning knobs – at least for now”.


So what we may see at E3 2016, a new Meto game or something brand new? As of now we can just speculate about it.