Microsoft announce new Halo VR controllers

Microsoft has announced its new Halo VR controllers as well as an upcoming $399 VR headset + controller bundle, which will release before this “fall”.

The Halo VR controllers utilize Microsoft’s “inside-out” tracking system, which uses your VR headset’s built-in cameras allowing the controllers to be tracked while inside the headset’s field of view. These controllers will also feature grip and trigger buttons as well as a trackpad and joystick for additional control.

Currently, Microsoft has started selling Windows 10 VR headsets to US developers, with these “Developer kits” starting at $299. Right now there are two developer’s kits available, from Acer ($299) and HP ($329.99) with both models features dual 1440×1440 screens with a display refresh rate of 90Hz and a PSVR-like strap design.

Microsoft announce new Halo VR controllersBoth of these VR headset models come with USB and HDMI 2.0 cables for PC connectivity, requiring an HDMI 2.0 connection for a full 90Hz refresh rate. The display on this headset will come hinged, with the HMD offering a 95-degree field of view, which is narrower than the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which both offer an 110-degree field of view.

As of now, it is unknown how well these new VR headsets will perform with gaming as their tracking system is limited and not expected to be as accurate as HTC Vive. Still, it’s nice to see more companies are moving towards VR gaming.