Microsoft announces the Surface Studio – a 28-Inch AIO powered by Skylake and GTX 980M

At the Microsoft Surface Event, Panos Panay- vice president for Surface Computing, announced the latest addition to the company’s Surface line-up: a 28-inch All-in-One, with a 3:2 aspect ratio monitor Microsoft calls a “Pixel Sense Display”, with an 4500×3000 resolution display (with around 62% more pixels than 4K resolution, combining to provide about 192 pixels per inch), as well as 10-point touch with Microsoft Pen support.


Microsoft says that this is the slimmest screen in world at just 12.5mm thick and all the AIO’s innards are actually on the monitor’s base, with a unique hinge that allows the display to be moved seamlessly and in a wide variety of angles, as well as enabling it to take on extra weight in studio mode.


surface-studio-a-28-inch-aio-2The Surface Studio AIO is powered by an Intel Skylake processor with the option for an i5 or i7 model, and graphics choice with a NVIDIA GTX 965 M 2GB or a NVIDIA GTX 980 M 4 GB model. The RAM starting from 8 to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1 TB or 2TB HDD with all configurable options also including in their base specs what Microsoft calls a “Rapid Hybrid Drive”, which at the moment, remains unclear as to its nature of either an SATA or PCIe SSD, or even an SSHD.


The Surface Studio is positioned more towards content creators than consumers, though it can work as both. Microsoft focuses more professional use out of their Surface Studio, with advertising the display is supporting both DCI-P3 and sRGB with a simple toggle on the Windows sidebar to switch between the two. Microsoft is also launching a Microsoft Dial, which will allow users to move along a timeline by just rotating the dial, or pressing it so as to get a contextual menu related to the app they’re currently using.


The Surface Studio isn’t cheap, and the base model with a Skylake i5, GTX 965 M, 8 GB DDR4 and 1 TB storage will cost $2999, with the top model packing a Skylake i7, a GTX 980 M, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and 2 TB storage has price tag of $4199.