Microsoft Games coming to Steam again?

Microsoft promises that it will launch some of its games on Steam, which is biggest PC gaming storefront, but also retain its focus on its own first-party Windows Store.

Xbox and PC cross-buy and cross-play

We will ship games on Steam again,” Phil Spencer said on Giant Bomb’s E3 2016 livestream. “I look at Steam today, it’s on an incredible growth trajectory. It’s a massive force in gaming; a positive force. I look at Valve as an important [independent software vendor] for us on Windows. They are a critical part of gaming’s success on Windows. I don’t think Valve’s hurt by not having our first-party games in their store right now. There’s going to be areas where we cooperate and there’s going to be areas where we compete. The end result is better for gamers.

But Phil Spencer didn’t specify which games is he talking about? Almost every game showcased at Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference was labeled as a “Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive“, and I don’t think Microsoft will give up on its Windows Platform-powered Windows Store. Still, Microsoft well knows that it cannot compete with Steam for selling PC games, so they have to work with them. Also limiting its high-profile AAA PC games into the Windows Store effectively lose a big portion of your audience.

There no information about how Microsoft will work with Steam, and what about Microsoft’s new cross-buy, cross-play Play Anywhere system will fit in this aspect.