Microsoft lost Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Lawsuit and paid $10,000 in damages fees

With Windows 10 Microsoft did some aggressive update methods distributes its free Windows 10 upgrade for PCs with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Even though users don’t want to update, but make it almost unavoidable upgrade that forces itself upon the users.

windows 10 update

A woman won lawsuit over its forced Windows 10 upgrade, in The first of possibly many, Teri Goldstein from California, successfully sued Microsoft for $10,000 in damages and legal fees over its deceptively designed Windows 10 upgrade software, which automatically downloaded and upgraded her computer’s Windows 7 installation almost without the consent of the user. She convinced the court that the upgrade made her computer slower and that she lost business due to the upgrade process and the slowing down of her computer. Microsoft dropped its appeal and paid up.

For future Microsoft change its modified Windows 10 upgrade into a “recommended update” for Windows 7/8 and free upgrade next month.