Microsoft plans to simplify Multi-GPU support with DirectX 12

Microsoft plans to simplify Multi-GPU support in DirectX 12 with a new abstraction layer that will help developers implement Multi-GPU support without the need for deep coding.


As of now most DirectX 12 games do not support Multi-GPU configurations, except Ashes of the Singularity, which shown that there is a huge amount of potential in the way DirectX 12 can handle multiple GPUs, which allows non-matching GPUs like the R9 Fury X and the GTX 980Ti to be used together in a single system to gain a lot of extra GPU performance.

Multi-GPU 1

Sadly there are not many games right now that support multiple GPUs like Ashes of the Singularity, as this level of hardware support is only possible after a lot of heavy coding and a lot of hard work. At this time a lot of developers do not think that this development time is worth the effort, as most PC gamers only own a single GPU.

Microsoft has decided to create an abstraction layer to help developers achieve “basic multi-GPU support,” giving them the option to still implement their own version of multi-GPU support if they wish but making the process much easier for smaller developers and much less time consuming.

This new abstraction layer is not ready yet, but Microsoft does state the new toolset is co