Microsoft reportedly fires 60 engineers working on HoloLens

Is HoloLens in trouble?  Microsoft reportedly fires almost 60% of the engineers to continue their development using technology from the US.

Hololens 1

Microsoft has reportedly fires almost 60 engineers from Israel who were working on HoloLens. Microsoft is going to continue their development by new wearable with different technology from United States, according to news from Ynet.



Microsoft Israel suddenly has stopped working on the all project, 30 nos. of their permanent employees given one more month to find a new job within the company & the other 30 workers were contractors, who were about to leave immediately. Ynet says that the 60 nos. of employees were working on the Project called “HoloLens” for the past two and half years, utilizing technology different to the technology the company will be using now that it has shifted whole work to the United State.

Microsoft Israel has released a statement to Ynet to claiming that they made recent decisions that affect numerous positions in the company. Microsoft Israel-based side has said that they are growing up their investments in certain areas while other areas will get some reduces of Investments. The Israel-based “HoloLens” team is going to be one of them. Microsoft’s top priority is the treatment of its affected on employees.