Microsoft Will Upgrade Windows 10 Even For Pirated User

Are you still running your old Win 7 or Win 8.1 in your PC? Well Microsoft wants you to get updated to their latest windows.

Microsoft announced some changes for upgrading the windows 10. Previously if you wanted to get win 10 you have to go through a two-step upgrading process, first you have reserve you’re your copy for upgrade after that get the real notification for downloading upgrade. But from now on if you want to upgrade just reserve your copy and it will immediately available for you.

Microsoft Will Upgrade Windows 10 Even For Pirated User

Now Microsoft finally introduced some changes for non-genuine (pirated) version of windows user, these user can turn their windows version into genuine with a one click and will make them eligible for upgrading windows 10. This does not mean that pirated version user get free genuine upgrade, they still have to purchase the activation code but within this process it will make lot easier them to upgrade in a genuine version.

This process is running for United State users as a test if it get any success Microsoft will run with other region.

After upgrading to Win 10 if you want to roll back to your previous version of windows (apps settings included) your settings will be saved for 31 days to decide you to roll back.