MSI Aegis Series Gaming Desktops Receive Intel Kaby Lake Upgrade

MSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of true gaming hardware, has fitted its Aegis gaming desktop line with the recently introduced Intel Kaby Lake chipset. Besides the new chipset, MSI has revamped its high-end Aegis Series desktops in terms of design, convenience and performance. The MSI Aegis Ti3, Aegis X3, Aegis 3, Nightblade 3, Nightblade MI3 and Trident 3 will be available worldwide in January 2017.
On the outside, a handy headset handle is added to the sides, and a touch of carbon effect on the front. Applied to MSI’s full gaming desktop family, MSI VR Link provides an HDMI port on the front side and ‘One-Click to VR’ software to optimize your VR experience. The Aegis Ti3 and Aegis X3 also feature the MSI Game Boost button on the front side, automatically overclocking the system when pressed. On the backside, a convenient carry-handle enables gamers to easily carry their Aegis when on their way to a friend or LAN-parties. For those who like to add a little personal touch to their system, MSI Aegis Series feature RGB Mystic Light. By using the Mystic Light App or MSI’s Gaming Center software, gamers can change the color and effects of all LEDs individually.

On the inside, all MSI Gaming Desktops distinguish themselves from the competition by implementing the award-winning MSI GAMING graphics cards, which deliver better graphics and cooling performance than any reference card on the market. The Aegis Ti3 even features two MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING graphics cards linked together via an MSI HB SLI Bridge, making it one of world’s most powerful gaming desktops. MSI Silent Storm 3 is a unique way to keep the system as cool and quiet as possible by individually cooling the most important heat-generating hardware in the system using separated chambers. Combining two PCI-E Gen3 x4 SSDs in a RAID configuration using NVMe technology makes loading a game or system booting faster than ever. This MSI Super RAID 4 setup can be found on Aegis Ti3 and Aegis X3.