MSI announced new X99 and Z170 XPOWER Titanium motherboards

MSI announced new X99 and Z170 XPOWER Titanium motherboards with U.2 SSD support and front-panel USB Type-C. The new boards have enhanced Titanium design aesthetic. The X99 XPower Titanium also features RGB LED header for full lighting control.

X99A XPOWER Gaming Titanium

The X99A XPOWER Gaming Titanium also comes with MSI’s Patented Turbo CPU socket, which has 2036 pins for greater CPU and memory overclocking.

Z170 Titanium Gaming

Z170 Titanium Gaming 1 Z170 Titanium Gaming 2

MSI is also releasing a new Z170 Titanium Gaming motherboard, which has dual M.2 SSD support, a full backplate, and U.2 connectivity.