MSI and ASUS Allegedly give GPU samples with higher clock speeds to reviews

Techpowerup reported that both MSI and ASUS had been sending GPUs to review sites with tweaked BIOS and higher clock speeds compeer to their retail variant.

MSI and ASUS GTX 1080 2

The review samples from ASUS and MSI have been found to be higher GPUs overclock mode out of the box, providing a boosted clock speed that is higher than actual Gaming profile. They have checked the samples used in both our ASUS GTX 1080 Gaming Strix and MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X reviews and found that both GPUs use their overclock mode clock speed modes out of the box.

MSI and ASUS GTX 1080 1

While some of you may be immediately thinking that ASUS and MSI have “cheated” with their review samples, you must remember that these clock speeds are available with retail versions of these GPUs. ASUS and they say that most of their new GPUs ship in OC mode out of the box.  Any that don’t have this mode enabled out of the box can access it in software with ASUS GPU Tweak. MSI on the other hand still not comment on this issue.

This is certainly not Volkswagen levels of cheating going on in the GPU market, as the overclocking mode “OC Mode” for these GPUs are available to all of those who purchase these GPUs. Everyone can get the performance of the OC modes in these GPUs; it is just a case of whether you will need to use the MSI Gaming App or ASUS GPU Tweak to get it.

MSI and ASUS GTX 1080