MSI Gaming Core Frozr L CPU Cooler Now Available

MSI announced the availability of the Core Frozr L CPU cooler. The Core Frozr L is a tower air cooler featuring an aluminum fin stack with four heat pipes coming from each side of the base plate, though it slightly offset position to clear up room for large motherboard heat sinks. The cooler measures 140 mm x 155 mm x 84 mm, and weighs 960 g. The aluminum fin stack is covered by a die-cast metal cover with illuminated MSI Gaming Logo and available in black and silver color.


msi-gaming-core-frozr-l-2 msi-gaming-core-frozr-l-3
msi-gaming-core-frozr-l-4 msi-gaming-core-frozr-l-5


The heat pipes are made out of copper with nickel-plating and move heat from the base to fin stack in eight points. The cooling is providing by a single 140 mm Torq-X fan with spin speeds between 500-1,800 RPM, pushing between 19.79 – 71.27 CFM of air, with a noise output of 17.2 – 33.6 dBA. The Core Frozr L can handle 200W CPU thermal loads. MSI Core Frozr L cooler will support all types of modern CPU sockets including LGA2011v3, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM4, AM3(+), and FM2(+).