MSI GTX 1070 Duke with triple-fan cooler

Reportedly MSI making a new GTX 1070 model called Duke. The new card may be an exclusive for the Asian (Chinese?) market. The Duke has a Tri-Frozr cooler, similar to Lighting cards, with three fans a large heatsink and a nice looking backplate. Although we can see the cooler is bigger than the PCB and the backplate, only cover the PCB length.


The Duke actually uses the same PCB as GAMING X, and the power connectors are also the same 6+8pin. MSI does not officially announce anything regarding GTX 1070 Duke. We will keep you update if anything comes up.

MSI-GeForce-GTX-1070-Duke-Edition-3 MSI-GeForce-GTX-1070-Duke-Edition-1