MSI Showcase custom HB-SLI Bridge Design

MSI has shown off their new custom HB (High Bandwidth) SLI Bridge Design. NVIDIA announced HB SLI bridge for best possible SLI scaling and stability and support for both high resolutions and high refresh rates, like 4K 120Hz and 8K displays or 4K 60Hz HDR display.

HB SLI bridge 2

Now MSI made their version of it, go with their Gaming Graphics cards theme.

MSI HB bridge

MSI designed HB bridge has a built-in LED illuminated MSI Dragon Logo with matching aesthetic of their cards. As of now we don’t know if the LED will be RGB or not, but it showcased in RED colour illumination.

MSI HB bridge 1

MSI didn’t announce any launch time or pricing of this new SLI bridge.