MSI-Sponsored Indie Game “Prey for the Gods” and Surpass $501k within a Month on Kickstarter

At MSI, we’ve been dedicated to the GAMING industry for a long time. And now, we are taking the next step: backing indie games. “Prey for the Gods”, which is an action survival game sending gamers to an isolated frozen land to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter, is the one we are intrigued to sponsor. We got in touch with its developer “NO MATTER Studios”, which is comprised of merely three people who are now working full-time on the game. They started developing the game in 2014 and only 25% done in 2016. It would be a long journey for them to finish up the game starting from zero resources. Therefore, “NO MATTER Studios” have launched a one-month campaign targeting at $300K as a minimum goal in Kickstarter seeking for more supports. To trigger people’s attention, backers can win the prize based on the amount they donate and MSI is here with them!
Prey for the Gods 1To show our support, we’ve donated 10 of our latest GEFORCE GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G graphics cards for them to create a number of special limited edition packages for their backers. Backers can donate $650 to win the graphics card and some game-related goodies as well. The campaign started on 6th July, surprisingly, all of the graphics cards were sold out within just three days. The funding has already reached 80% of the goal in one week after campaign had launched! At the end of the launching date, “Prey for the Gods” not only achieved their minimum goal, which is $300k, but also they hit the number of stretched goal that seemed almost impossible for them when they just started the Kickstarter, which is $501K. And now, the “NO MATTER Studio” is plugging away at creating the most exciting indie game with 14,000+ backers’ supports!
Prey for the GodsBesides producing high-quality gaming hardware, cooperating with excellent E-Sports teams, supporting with big gaming publishers and organizing countless gaming events, stepping into the indie games industry is now what we want to put our effort in as well. We believed those indie games’ developers are definitely an important element of the booming GAMING industry and we are so proud to be part of the “Prey for the Gods” project. MSI will keep working with potential indie game development teams and sponsor them to become one of the rising stars in the industry.