MSI Teased an M.2 Shield on Upcoming Motherboards That Helps Cooling of High-Performance M.2 SSDs

MSI teased a unique M.2 Shield feature which will introduce with its next-generation 200-series of motherboards for socket LGA1151.


This M.2 Shield is a full-length aluminum cover over the motherboard’s M.2-2280 slots, which will help hinged the M.2 SSD and also works as a heat-spreader with non-conductive thermal padding on the inside. MSI claims that this lowers temperatures, and reduces throttling on some of the high-performance M.2 PCIe SSDs. Some of the faster M.2 SSDs such as the Samsung 950 Pro have indeed earned the notoriety of heating up to levels that reduce performance. But performance aside this bracket will help to hide, and color match the mostly green PCB of M.2 SSDs.