MSI Turbo U.2 Host Card To Change Your M.2 to U.2

The SSD industry moving towards other connector standards, such as M.2 and the newer U.2 (SFF-8639). The U.2 is designed for drives in more bandwidth in a common form-factor and it has the same pin-count as M.2, and the same bandwidth up to PCI-Express 4x speed.

MSI Turbo U.2 Host Card

ASUS already put this connector on its flagship Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard, but MSI want to go deferent way, rather than implant the connector in a high end motherboard, they released a new accessory that converts M.2 slots into a U.2 port. Which is extremely versatile, because today every motherboard has a M.2 connector and if user need U.2 connectivity than they just have to buy this new MSI Turbo U.2 Host Card. MSI’s upcoming high-end motherboards may in clued this as an accessory. If you have a PCI-Express M.2 on your board than this MSI Turbo U.2 Host Card will be perfected to run one of the first U.2 drive like Intel SSD 750 in its 2.5-inch variant.