MSI unveil Custom GTX 1070 GPU line-up

The GTX 1070 Founders Edition is now available to purchase, but MSI is bringing four custom design GTX 1070 on the way. The non-reference versions are now available to Pre-purchase.

GTX 1070 Sea Hawk GTX 1070 Aero GTX 1070 Gaming X

Below you can check the full chart with detail specifications comparison of different GTX 1070 models.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders EditionMSI GTX 1070 AeroMSI GTX 1070 Aero OCMSI GTX 1070 Sea HawkMSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
GPU Cores19201920192019201920
Base clock 1506MHz1506MHz1531MHz1607MHz1607MHz
Boost clock1683MHz1683MHz1721MHz1797MHz1797MHz
Memory Speed8008MHz8008MHz8008MHz 8108MHz 8108MHz
Power Input8-Pin8-Pin8-Pin8-pin8-pin + 6-pin
LED ColourGreenWhiteWhiteWhiteRGB
Price (UK)£399.99£379.99£389.99£549.95£419.99