MSI Vortex Mini PC with Intel i7 and GTX 980 SLI

MSI showcased their new Vortex Mini PC, which is no compromised high-end gaming PC, featuring an Skylake core i7 and dual GTX 980 in SLI. The design mostly inspired from Apple Mac Pro but its looks and perform much better. The CPU and GPU are full desktop one so no M-chip is used, so performance wise it’s on power with full size gaming desktop.

MSI Vortex MSI Vortex-1 MSI Vortex-2

The size which is just 6L its very impressive how MSI able to fit all of this high component such a small size, because of its size and how much performance it can provide, MSI Vortex won the CES 2016 INNOVATIOBN AWARD. MSI will be releasing Vortex later this year.