MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Review


Overclocking on the Ryzen 1700X was not very pleasant as it was the first use of Zen architecture and there have been many refinements yet to be done. Now, after a year AMD has made some refinement and with the new 12nm manufacturing process we are expecting better Overclocking results on Ryzen 2700X. These days are become very easy, still for new users who have no idea what to do, there is an option for auto overclocking built-in the motherboards.

MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Review

To overclock our Ryzen 2700X, I have enabled the A-XMP which set our XPG DAZZLE RAMs to 2933MHz with 16-16-16-39 timing, set the CPU ratio to 42 for all cores, set the CPU Core Voltage to 1.4000V, for memory we set the DRAM Voltages to 1.360V, the rest we leave at Auto.

MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Review MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Review

Now cooler takes a very important part of the Overclocking headroom, with AMD’s out of the box wraith RGB cooler, you can run the CPU at 4GHz easily, which is great value as it comes with the CPU, unlike Intel where you need to buy a cooler in order to just run it. Though if you are serious about overclocking than an aftermarket cooler is necessary, we use Corsair H100i GTX for our testing.

VRM Temperatures

After VRM temperature issue on X299 boards, we added VRM temp monitoring for motherboard reviews. I am happy to see MSI didn’t design the VRM heatsink just for looks and features enough surface area, though it would be nice if it has a Heatpipe between two Heatsinks. the max temp we record was 60°C on max load, do notice we used an open-air test bench so there are no case fan or CPU cooler fan that circulate air around the VRM heatsink on a well-ventilated case the temp should be little lower.