MSI Z170A GAMING Line First Picture


MSI to post the picture of their upcoming Z170A Gaming motherboards. In the picture we can see 3 motherboards Z170A GAMING M5, Z170A GAMING M7 and Z170A GAMING M9 ACK. As the picture suggest all boards has some Armor and PCB colour accent, MSI says like this “The masterful MSI Z170 GAMING motherboards all come with different types of armor. Whether you choose the nimble GAMING M5 or the extremely heavy plated GAMING M9 ACK motherboard, there is always a board that suits your needs. ChooseYourDestiny”

GAMING M7 has its IO covered and GAMING M9 ACK has full metal backplat & full IO and Audio section covered. Also GAMING M9 ACK has 2in1 heatsink with build in waterblock and it has 802.11ac wifi module.