MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition Revealed

MSI Titanium brand features a silver coloured PCB, which almost looks white or grey at some angles, but it is definitely silver colour. The main feature is Titanium chokes with a 16 phase VRM, which MSI claims to offer better overclocking, efficiency and lifespan with standard Military Class V. Motherboard powered by the 8 pin connector along with an extra 4 pin for most extreme of overclocking.


MSI Z170A XPOWER features a dedicated OC Dashboard for extreme overclocking. This little dashboard hosts a number of buttons to control BCLK and CPU multiplier, Power, reset and Go2BIOS buttons. MSI new and improved Slow mode allows you to recover BIOS without clearing the CMOS and also a complete discharge button to clear out all motherboard settings. Also standard features like a BIOS error code readout with a dual BIOS switch and voltage checking points.



For other features like Audio Boost 3, for expansion four x16 slots (works at 1×16, 2×8), and 3 PCIE x1 slots. One 6 pin power connectors for extra power to the expansion slots. Storage is proved by 2 M.2, 2 SATA Express and 8 SATA III connectors.