Multiple RX 480 cards spotted online with specifications

The reference RX 480 GPU has spotted online with specifications. Although the specifications have been removed later, we do see the stock clock core speeds at 1288MHz. All the RX 480 uses the AMDs reference style blower cooler, which looks similar to Fury X aesthetic.

Sapphire RX 480 PowerColor RX 480 XFX RX 480

Below little specifications difference between older R9 290X and RX 480 GPUs, which should have similar gaming performance. We previously posted about overclock ability of RX 480 reaching 1.5Ghz  on the core, which should give a nice performance boost.

RX 480 R9 290X
GPU Polaris 10 Hawaii XT
GCN GPU Cores 2304 2816
Render Output Units 64
Texture mapping Units 176
GPU Frequency 1288MHz 1000MHz
Memory 4GB or 8GB GDDR5 4GB GDDR5
Memory interface 256MHz 512bit
Memory Frequency (effective) 8000MHz 5000MHz
Performance >5TFLOPs 5.6TFLOPS
TDP 150W 290W
Launch Price $199 $549