Mushkin 4 TB SSD Just For $500 Dollar

Mushkin showcased new prototype of Reactor SSD with 4TB capacity at CES 2016. Mushikin already unveil 2TB and 1TB variant of the Reactor SSD. The new drive use Silicon Motion SM2246EN, but SM2246EN maxes out the NAND flash capacity limit 2TB, so Mushkin put two of those in one drive multi-controller SSD subunit RAID, 2TB+2TB. Also Mushkin uses 3D MLC NAND flash to keep densities high and plans to sell the drive at $500, or $0.125/GB. Which makes it perfect for holding your steam library. The drive runs on SATA 6 Gb/s interface, as it’s not so fast any more but still way better than HHD, with 7 mm-thick, 2.5-inch form-factor it will also a great choice for limited space builds.


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