New Battlefield Next Year

EA’s has confirmed next Battlefield in 2016. EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen says that “they have plans to release an FPS title as an EA ‘core title’ every year”.

Star-Wars-Battlefront-3-Footage-Video Battlefield-4-Player-Appreciation-Month Titanfall_Website_Loop_INT

With 3 major FPS games Battlefield, Titanfall and now Battlefront, EA have capability to launch FPS shooter sequels every year and still giving each game enough time to develop, but we have to see EA taking this advantage or they still launch new game every 1-2 years as normal. As of now we don’t have any information about the upcoming game, like it will be called Battlefield 5 or something new as like Hardline. we will keep you update as soon there, anything’s come up.