The new NVIDIA GeForce X80 Ti will be 2x faster than the GTX 980 Ti

We are getting closer to NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in early April, there more details are revealing on the next-gen Pascal architecture. But, do remember, these are just leaked specs may change, and also the naming system may change, we just predict what NVIDIA bring on the next-gen cards.

Pascal leak

According to the latest rumors, NVIDIA will launch the new cards under GeForce X80, X80 Ti and the new Titan X successor. The first card is X80, which will feature the GPX4 core, with 4096 CUDA cores, which is a 100% increase over the 2048 CUDA cores on the GM204-based GTX 980. With that doubling in texture units, ROPs, memory bandwidth and 6GB of GDDR5.

The GeForce X80 Ti comes with more powerful GP100 featuring 5120 CUDA cores, 320 texture units, and 160ROPS – with another 28% in TFlops performance. The X80 Ti will also reportedly bump up the memory to 8GB of GDDR5/GDDR5X and a 512-bit memory bus.

When comes to the Titan X successor, the full GP100 with 6144 CUDA cores, another 100% increase from 3072 CUDA cores found in the Titan X, with 384 texture units and 192 ROPS. It will reportedly have huge 12.5TFlops performance, more than 2X from the 6.1TFlops on the Titan X. as the leak suggest it will have 16GB of HBM2 on a 4096-bit memory bus with X24GB/sec (1TB/sec) of memory bandwidth. Still the card has only 225W TDP.

If this chart is true the we are going get some serious jump from previous gen, we will know for sure, at NVIDIA’s GTC event in early April in San Jose.