New Technical Details of AMD AM4 Platform

New details of AMD’s upcoming common socket for both its desktop APUs and high-end CPUs on a recent article by Italian tech-site Bits-n-Chips.AM4 platform

According to them, AM4 will be an µOPGA (pin-grid array), in which the pins will continue to be located on the processor package, and contact points on the socket. The package will be square, and 40 mm in length, making it about as big as a current socket FM2+ package. It will have a pin-count of 1,331 pins, a big increase from the 942 pins of AM3+, and 906 pins of FM2+. AMD could continue to develop LGA sockets for its multi-socket capable Opteron processors based on the “Zen” architecture.

AM4 platform 1


The new AM4 platform will have similar layout like FM2+. The integrated memory controller and northbridge will be entirely located on the processor die, so the HyperTransport main system bus will be wired internally. Besides hundreds of electrical pins, the AM4 pin-map will consist of memory I/O, integrated graphics I/O, PCI-Express, and the chipset bus; besides other low-level system I/O interfaces. The memory controller on-board first AM4 chips, such as “Summit Ridge,” will natively support DDR4-2400 MHz, and DDR4-2933 MHz through overclocking.