The new Titan X is 200% faster than previous GeForce GTX Titan X

NVIDIA’s new Pascal-based Titan X performance leaked, revealing the GP102-powered Titan X is 200% faster than its predecessor. Also, new info suggests NVIDIA decided to drop GeForce GTX branding, and the new card will call just that ‘Titan X.’
Titan X is up to 200%

Leaked synthetic benchmark side of Titan X that was used CuDNN, offering a massive 200% increase over the older GeForce GTX Titan X. The new Titan X is using a new implementation of CuDNN, so the speedup is from both the software, and the improved hardware on Titan X.

Titan X

According to leaks, the new Titan X with 16% more CUDA cores and 42% higher GPU clocks can give benchmark score 74% to 91% faster in Alexnet, 76% to 200% on OverFear, 74% to 84% on Inception and 91% to 98% in VGG.