Noctua showcases NH-U12DX i4 a prototype for Skylake-EP/LGA 3647 Socket

Noctua has displayed a Skylake-EP LGA 3647 compatible CPU cooler, confirming that Intel will be moving to a new socket for their future server products.

socket LGA 3647

You can see in the picture of Intel’s upcoming Skylake-E socket LGA 3647 which will feature what looks like a 6-channel/Hex-channel DDR4 memory and will feature more PCI lanes than the previous generation of Intel Xeon CPUs. The LGA 3647 features 1636 more pins than Intel’s current 2011-V3 socket, meaning the CPUs will be considerably larger than newly launch Broadwell-E Xeon CPUs.

As you can see the prototype of Noctua’s upcoming NH-U12DX i4 cooler, which Noctua says will be compatible with upcoming AMD socket SP3 Opteron and Intel Socket P (LGA 3647) CPUs releasing in 2017.