NVIDIA has agreed to pay $30 to each GTX 970 buyer in the US after GTX 970 3.5GB memory lawsuit

NVIDIA has agreed to a preliminary settlement after GTX 970 3.5GB memory allegation, promising to pay $30 to each GTX 970 buyer in the US as well as $1.3 Million in attorney’s fees.


The overall settlement amount was not publicly disclosed within court papers, however NVIDIA agreed to pay all consumers who purchased the GTX 970 graphics card and indicated there would not be a cap on the total amount it would pay consumers.

“The settlement is fair and reasonable and falls within the range of possible approval,” attorneys for the proposed Class said in the filing. “It is the product of extended arms-length negotiations between experienced attorneys familiar with the legal and factual issues of this case and all settlement class members are treated fairly under the terms of the settlement.”

This lawsuit was started in February 2015, after it was discovered that the last 0.5GB of the GTX 970’s 4GB of GDDR5 VRAM would run at up to 80% slower than it was supposed to, alongside the discovery that the GPU had less Render Output Processors (ROPs) and less memory cache than was advertised by NVIDIA.

In this lawsuit, NVIDIA was said to have engaged in false advertising, deceptive business practices and to have violated California’s business law for unfair business practices.

NVIDIA still denies all allegations of wrongdoing, but those who purchased a GTX 970 in the US is expected to receive around $30, though the payout amount is yet to be finalized. So far there is no information how this refund will deliver, but we will keep you updated soon as something comes out.