NVIDIA Donate $200,000 For Cancer Research

Nvidia recently donate $200,000 to the University Of Toronto for their advance research against cancer. The Toronto University’s research department use Nvidia GPU to learn and identify cancer causing genetic mutation which they called “genetic interpretation engine”.

This donation will be given to Toronto university by the Nvidia Foundation , which is Nvidia’s own division created to fight against cancer.


As computers grow more powerful, scientists are delving into giant datasets and deploying computer simulations to research how cancer develops.

Part of our “Compute the Cure” initiative, the NVIDIA Foundation’s grant will help Frey’s team (At the University of Totonto) scale up their GPU-powered methods so they can be applied to a large number of personal genomes in clinical settings, ultimately involving hundreds of thousands of genomes.

The research done in the university is too much complex if you want to learn about it you can read the Nvidia’s  own blog post about this matter.

The team in Toronto University used a large no. of Nvidia’s GPU for their research, which includes Nvidia’s Tesla K80, K40 and K20 as well as desktop GPU’s like GTX Titan X.

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With this huge funding and direct support of Nvidia the Compute task will get little easier, but there is much more research need to have an impact on the lives of the cancer patient.